Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Still on the 40east
So the time is changing as I type. I'm now an hour ahead of my old Cali time. I feel like I lost an hour..sounds lame, but I did lol!!
So far so good, dogs are letting us know when they gotta go do their business, tow dolly is holding up good, Omar is driving still and he's not tired. I got him a few 5 hour energy drinks and they seem to be working. Marcella has been knocked out for 3 hours.
When I look out the window all I see is...well nothing really. The sky is so clear and full of a trillion stars.

12:44a- Just crossed the Colorado river now I'm officially in Arizona. Speed limit here is seventy-freakin-five! We are still going 55 though. They prohibit lane changing out here in certain areas of the interstate.
I put my American flag blanket on the dash of my car so the coppers and minutemen know what's up! Lol
I wish we were traveling on the 10 instead of the 40, I really wanted to see my cousins in Goodyear, Az. Next time!

Lil' D (my French wanker dog) and his snoring are all that I hear now. I'm excited and nervous still. Can't wait until the sun comes up so we can see what's around us.

1:00a-Stopped at a chevron in lake havasu/London bridge...strange. I felt the difference already. You don't realize how nice people are until you leave L.A. Lol

1:48a- Kingman, Az. The first sign of life in a 50 miles! Annnnnndd...there it went.
I'm positive my surroundings are nice and I'm missing out. It's soooo dark outside these windows.
Next big town is Flagstaff. Until then it's the wide open desert. Hope we don't come across any animals in the road...btw, the roads here in az are so smooth, no potholes or garbage :)
Miles so far: 324.2, gas $ spent $171.00. Not too bad given its a V8 and we are hauling a huge load.

No blogging and driving :) omar got sleepy, think he was crashing from the 2 monsters and 5 hr energy. I Didn't mind.
Around 4:20a we passed the exit for the grand canyon. 427 miles into the trip so far.
Drove through a cool little town that looked like a route 66 shrine. Flagstaff was cool, kinda looks like Big Bear.
Started getting sleepy, the straight and boring roads were making my eyes delirious @-@
Took a detour at 5a to see the meteor, didn't find it. Saw a bunch of cow x-ing signs instead, oh and it was like methane overload outside.
6:00a decided to stop at a rest stop to take a power nap. It was cold as hell. 19degrees. Eeek. I better get used to the cold. Saw the sunrise a bit, beautiful!
8:20a stopped in Winslow, az for mcdonalds breakfast.
Arizona is what I thought it would be...flat. :)
Miles so far: 523.9, gas $218
220 miles until we hit albequerque, nm
Stopped at this awesome store named Geronimo, they sell Minnetonka moccasins!! Score!
Had to get a pair, they are super warm and comfy. :) Marcy got a cute pair too.
Outside they had a huge piece of petrified wood and teepees. Photo op!

9:35a Stopped in a city called Navajo for gas, the American Indian lady working there said I looked like her sister, was that a compliment? Lol
Restroom break in a tiny town called Zuni. Its nice not to feel rushed, we can see a lot more things.
Almost to New Mexico!!

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