Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to Arkansas!

10:35p 1,471 miles driven so far. We stopped at a cool gas station in Roland, OK which is 5 minutes away from AR. They have showers there, which is cool. The air smelled like a campfire and it was cold, 38 degrees. Gas spent so far $531. I should mention something, it may seem like we are pumping gas a lot, actually we are, but it's only because we aren't letting the needle get passed the 1/2 mark in the tank. My uncle Fred gave us that advice. :)

So I'm bummed, I was planning on passing by Little Rock, AR and seeing my cousins. Sadly they won't be able to meet up with us and we wouldn't be here until midnight. :( booooo! I'm hoping after we are all settled in SC, I can visit everyone I missed on this trip.

1:30a- we are going to stay the night in Little Rock, AR. Just playin' it safe, there's no rush :) so motel 6 it is. We had to park the truck a bit far from the room, but there is a crazy security guard that is driving around so i pray it's safe.
I wanted to drive through the rest of Arkansas and Tennessee in the day time so we can see everything, I would hate to pass right through and miss it.
Oh and btw, I think it's Conway, AR we passed before we got to Little Rock, well, that town smells like a dirty diaper lol. Just sayin'

Went to bed hearing some bad news about the earthquake in Japan. I have a friend Makiko that lives there in Osaka-shi so I hope she is ok. Oh and there is a tsunami watch in Hawaii and California!! Great! Went to bed with a bit of worry on my mind.....zzzzzzzz...
9:45a- just got up, man I'm exhausted still. Well good news, Makiko is ok and the tsunami that was hitting Hawaii was not bad. Thank u jesus!!
We stopped at the gas station next to the hotel to fill up. $581 so far.
Saw a restaurant called The Waffle House so we stopped for some breakfast.
I gotta admit, I've never had so much food for $6!! and it was good! Everyone out here is suer polite too, nice!

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