Friday, March 11, 2011

Tennessee...the only place to be!

Tennessee...the only place to be!
2:00p- 1,742 miles driven so far...phew.

we are finally here! Tenne-freakin-see!! We just passed through Memphis, it looks like a lil downtown LA.

Lots of billboards and big buildings. We went over the Mississippi river on a bridge to Memphis, that was cool. Took some pics and a video that i posted on my YouTube channel redmaga3. I know its going to get dark around 6:00p so we didn't stop in memphis, we want to see Nashville a.s.a.p.
2:50p stopped at a pilot station in Stanton, TN. needed gas. Spent $630.00 so far. 1,178 miles when we left the station. Omar took over driving from there so now I got a chance to update this blog. :)
5:44p- The drive through Tennessee is beautiful, lots of trees and woods. Hit some traffic due to a lil accident but we are back on the road. Currently 21 miles away from Nashville. We are going to meet up with our cousin Daniel in Nashville at his tattoo shop.Also, we want to find some bomb BBQ, so we r on a mission!

6:15p Nashville baby!! There is a lot of traffic here. Kinda looks like the valley, lots of signs in spanish and Mexican food places. We drove down Nolensville Pike and saw a freakin' white castle!! How can we pass this and not stop!? So Marcy gets 2 lil sliders so we can taste them. They were ok, I'm not a big burger fan so I probably didn't appreciate it as much as Omar n Marcy :)

We keep driving down and park in a catholic schools parking lot that's across the way from my cousin Daniels tattoo shop Emperor Tattoo. Stayed for a few minutes, took a couple pics, checked out the shop and off we go. Oh and Marcy and Daniel look a lot alike, you can tell they are related. They can be twins!

So Daniel recommended Whitts BBQ, we stopped and had the best ribs, Mac n cheeses, baked beans, and a loaded potato with turkey. OMG! Deeelish! Everything was good and tender. Their sauce is really tasty. They sell lil pecan pies and they had a pie called chess pie, I asked what it was, it's like a pecan pie without the pecans. Yumm! Also, their lemonade is bomb!

It got dark really quick so we didn't get a chance to cruise downtown Nashville. We aren't far so we can always come back.

7:50p stopped for gas, Marcy got hit on by a good ole country boy. Lol
miles traveled so far 1,957. Gas purchased: $680.
We hopped on the 24e headed towards Atlanta, Ga. Gonna make a stop at omars aunts house near Marrieta, Ga. He hasn't seen them in a long time so this will be good for him.  

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