Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hola New Mexico¡

11:15a just passed the Arizona/New Mexico line. 627 miles so far.
It's so beautiful here. I've never seen mountains quite like this. The red and orange colors are amazing.
There's not much to see here as well, lots of pretty rocks and Mountains.

Drove past a lil city named Gallup. There is a lot of teepees and trading posts along the side of the interstate. Passed a few reservations as well.

2:56p 778 miles so far just leaving a gas station in Albequerque.

Kinda looks like Palmdale here, lots of Mexicanos. Tumblweeds and dirt everywhere. I think the restless leg syndrome is kicking in for all of us, so I kept making stops to stretch. I got 400+ miles driven under my belt on this trip so far :) time to switch! Oh, there is a bunch of hitch bikers out here. It's the middle of the desert people!! Be real! Also, it seems like every 5 miles there is huge firework stands.

Gas so far $330.00
Omar took over driving again, my calve was sore. Taking a nap so peace!

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